“All about eyes” taught at Petra Alexandra, Inc.

In the “All about eyes” class, bleaching, threading, lashes, traditional tweezing and so much more is taught in this class, you come away being a “Brow Agent”.
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All about eyes at Petra Alexandra, Inc.

All about eyes at Petra Alexandra, Inc.

Be “Petrafied!”

Petra Alexandra, Inc. where EYEBROWS are seen as the frame of ones face, and not the distraction.

Be "Petrafied!"


Photographer: Summerlin
Model: Mellisa Leone

Do you want #eyebrows like Estee Lauders face Joan Smalls? Come to Petra Alexandra, Inc. and be “PETRAFIED!”

Super Model, Joan Smalls travelled all the way to Brooklyn to have her eyebrows bleached by beauty and eyebrow expert Petra Alexandra, Inc. and left "PETRAFIED!"

Super Model, Joan Smalls travelled all the way to Brooklyn to have her eyebrows bleached by beauty and eyebrow expert Petra Alexandra, Inc. and left “PETRAFIED!”

#joansmalls #petrafied

For “SHAPE” you need a “Brow Agent”, one who SPECIALISES in SHAPE!

Anyone can take hair from your Eyebrows by plucking, threading or waxing, but for SHAPE you need an “Eyebrow Agent”, one who specializes in SHAPE. At Petra Alexandra, Inc. the students are known as “Petra Alexandra, Inc. Brow Agents” walk away with the greatest skill a face could ever need.

Our lovely Model Aziza travelled several hours on a bus to get her Eyebrows done.
This is what she had to say (we chose to keep her words unedited):

“Dear Petra Alexandra, Inc. Traveling to New York by myself on Tuesday was a experience of a life time. I must admit at first I was nervous and afraid to travel by myself to somone who I never meet before . When 1 clock came around on that day and I was standing outside your studio the first thing that crossed my mind was how does a studio looklllike a house and I was ready to turn back around and go by home till To wonderful lady open the door for me . You welcomed me with open arms and treated me so well . The bond we build within 5mins of meeting you was behind wonderful . Your are wonderful person with a great sense of humor . I don’t think their is no better make up artist then you . You had transform my eyebrows . My make up was on fire like Alice keys would say This Girl is on Fire . The 5 hour bus ride was worth it. I can’t Thank you enough . You are truly the best . I can’t wait to work with you again. From your Honey Butter!”
Aziza Freeland







Playful EYEBROWS that ruffle your feathers by PETRA ALEXANDRA, INC.

Super Model Iekeliene Stange looking quirky in her Petra Alexandra, Inc. Brows

Super Model Iekeliene Stange

Super Model Iekeliene Stange

Super Model Iekeliene Stange

Super Model Iekeliene Stange

Super Model Iekeliene Stange in Petra Alexandra, Inc. brows

Petra Alexandra’s Signature “WET BROW” as seen published in Essence Magazine

Petra Alexandra, Inc. developed the "Wet Brow" now being emulated by others

The face is well framed with a beautiful eyebrow

The Brooke Shields BROW

Petra Alexandra, Inc. is bringing BUSHY back! Eyebrows we secretly envy

Beautiful beautiful cover girl BROWS seen here on Supermodel Amanda Laine

Bushy Brook Sheild brows appears on Super beauty Amanda Laine

Petra Alexandra studies her canvas (before any makeup is applied, redness is to be removed from the skin)


At work on model Amanda Laine

LaLa Vasquez in a pair of Petra Alexandra, Inc. BROWS

Lala Vasquez in her nicely BLEACHED Petra Alexandra, Inc. Brows.

Petra Alexandra, Inc. brows viewed from the monitor

La La Vesquez Latina Magazine Cover shoot

LaLa Vasquez Anthony

SAFE EYEBROWS for the girl next door (keep it clean)

IMG Model and face of Estee Lauder Joan Smalls has travelled all the way to Brooklyn just to have her Brows groomed and bleached by Petra Alexandra, Inc.

Beautiful Holly keeps her Eyebrows full, here Petra Alexandra, Inc. Plucked, Groomed and Trimmed them

IMG Model and face of Estee Lauder Joan Smalls in her beautyFULL groomed brows by Petra Alexandra, Inc.

CLASS of 2011+They come from all around the WORLD and COUNTRY to learn the “FINE ART of MAKE-UP” at PETRA ALEXANDRA, INC.

Nes Kivita our student from Paris FRANCE works closely with student Sara Sorrenti from ITALY

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This kind of EXPOSURE are the wonders that happen only at this Beauty School PETRA ALEXANDRA, INC. located right in the very heart of BROOKLYN

Zizi's last words to Petra Alexandra "i cant wait to return to complete all my studies"

Student  Zinaida zizi Camarda in the class room of Petra Alexandra, Inc. travelled from GERMANY to learn Petra Alexandra Inc.s techniques. She also teaches make-up in Germany.

Student Zizi (Zinaida) Camarda in the class room, travelled all the way from GERMANY to learn Petra Alexandra Inc.s' techniques and improve her make-up skills. Zizi is also a teacher of make-up back in her country Germany. Here Zizi the student gets to practice on a Sit-in-Model and enjoys the opportunity to be hands on as her Instructor looks on and guides her. Zizi eloquently expressed in a beautiful testimonial her excitement of her experience at Petra Alexandra, Inc., but it is as lovely when images tell the story.

Make-up Educator flew all the way from GERMANY to study makeup and improve her skills at Petra Alexandra, Inc.

Student Zizi (Zinaida) Camarda flew all the way from GERMANY to study "ALL ABOUT EYES" and how to perfect "SKIN MANIPULATION" taught in the "GLOW IT" class at Petra Alexandra, Inc.
In this photo Zizi (r) watches on as BROW AGENT Sara Sorrenti (l) demonstrates in class

Graduate and BROW AGENT Carolina Espinso travels all the way from ECUADOR to do her Make-up studies, the “FINE ART OF MAKE-UP” at Petra Alexandra, Inc.

Anneta Meeks a professional make-up artist on staff at NBC studies "ALL ABOUT EYES" at Petra Alexandra, Inc. while Graduate Amber Waller Looks on.

Anneta Meeks a professional make-up artist on staff at NBC studies "ALL ABOUT EYES" at Petra Alexandra, Inc. while Graduate Amber Waller Looks on.

Student and BROW AGENT Osiris Cadena flew from the country MEXICO to study the “FINE ART OF MAKE-UP” at Petra Alexandra, Inc.

European Students Nes Kivita and Sara Sorrenti on their "BEHIND-THE-SCENE" class, travelled from FRANCE and ITALY to study at Petra Alexandra, Inc. Here they stand alongside their Educator (l) and Essence Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Constance White (r)

Graduate of Petra Alexandra, Inc. Shari Barnes works on sit-in-model Brandalyn Fulton

Graduate of Petra Alexandra, Inc. Shari Barnes works on sit-in-model Brandalyn Fulton's Brows. Our face of the day Brandalyn was so excited about sitting in "ALL ABOUT EYES" class she asked to be excused to get her note-pad.

Students Sara Sorrenti and Nes Kivita on set "BEHIND-THE-SCENE" with their Instructor.

Students sara sorrenti and ikeisha wilson during their Field Trip

Students Sara Sorrenti and BROW AGENT Ikeisha Wilson during their "FIELD TRIP" class, the students come from all over the world

Threading is a must at Petra Alexandra, Inc. for all of the students

Student Renee pays close attention to detail while enjoying her class

NATURAL WELL GROOMED BROWS (your simple clean Brow)

Petra Alexandra, Inc. Says...

Beautiful brows

Keep brows soft and natural looking
Shy away from those harsh dated penciled-in brows and horrid harsh powders, the modern brow of our time is Soft, Sweet and light on the face.
Remember your BROWS are your FRAMES, are you walking around with heavy frames on your face?

SIDE NOTE: Can someone kindly please explain why the photographer retouched the silk off the models face in this particuliar image above? It was taught never to fix something if it is not broken.
Make-up and Nails: Petra Alexandra, Inc.
Stylist: Zerina Akers

Simply beautiful

Clean BeautyFULL brows by Petra Alexandra, Inc.



BROWS can MAKE quiet THE DIFFERENCE, they can take you from the 90′s to a new era

The model on the left was not open to having her brows done, see the difference for yourself.Brows really do make a difference
Thick tamed brows

Modern Brows

Now you too can have EYEBROWS of hair, STRAND by STRAND a technique available at Petra Alexandra, Inc. taught by Educator Miss Evelyn


Meeting OSAS, a beautiful young woman, actress and the crowned Miss Black USA 2010 in her early to mid twentys who suffers with Alopecia was brought to my home uninvited, as she made her way  through the frount door i noticed  a weighty painted brow that did not quiet seem like it belonged on her sweet face,  that caused me to ask some rather forward questions and to my surprise i would learn of her secret of living with Alopecia. Before she could complete telling me of her anguish over the loss of her hair since her teens she was sitting in my chair getting her eyebrows transformed. i had done many different brows over the years but usually a few strands of hair might be added to those with scantly eyebrows, for Osas it was a Brow Transformation, not only was it a transformation for her that brought her to tears and touched all that was present in the room, but it was the moment that would revolutionize the way i would do eyebrows going forward and would prompt me to venture where i had not considered, yes a new undertaking, i was taken to new heights and the gratification that i got from seeing her cry (tears of joy) inspired me to want to help other women feel this wonderful about looking at themselves in the mirror and experiencing having eyebrows  for the first time even if it is only for 5 days at a time, as i have learned from Osas the Brow Implant will last for up to 5 days.


Provoked by Miss JEANENE, her words to me “Miss E you have got to share with others this BROW REPLACEMENT technique, this gift God has blessed you with, this ability…”, i am a little uncomfortable writing exactly what she said without coming across somewhat boastful, so i will simply say that her promptings have opened my eyes to not only building up the confidence of women who suffer with Alopecia but the women and girls who have lost their facial hair as a result of Chemotherapy and for that reason i decided to start this blog which will feature BROWS ONLY.

Thank-you Jeanene and Osas for inspiring me.

Brows Before, Painted on.

The BRAVE revealing

STRAND BY STRAND hair replacement

results of Alopecia seen on camera left brow not yet completed

Our beautiful role model Osas, so radiant with her new brows of hair


Today BLEACHING the EYEBROWS out is the hottest thing on the runways, so our hope is that these two images inspire anyone who has been bullied over their SNOW WHITE EYEBROWS, God made no mistakes when He designed your Eyebrows

Esther Sparhawk says:

“I have naturally platinum blonde eyebrows. It’s rare in the US, but quite common in places like Sweden, Norway, and Ireland, I’m told.As a teenage girl, other kids made fun of my platinum blonde eyebrows”

Platinum blonde BLEACHED EYEBROWS.

Platinum Bleached Eyebrows

Photographer: Gray Scott on both images

Model on noi.se cover: Sveta at IMG models

What a little BLEACH can do for your face

Colouring the brows can be a concern to some. We see this new fad on all the hippest celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce' and Queen Latifah, even the first lady Michelle Obama has caught on to this trend and has followed the crowd.
Need to soften your look? here is a pictorial of a young jewish girl who gave BLEACHING a try for the first time and the results you must say are quiet lovely.

Here we chose a colour that would compliment our models warm tresses.

Bushy brows in the raw

Side view of the eyebrow before shaping

Here we have found the shape before applying the eyebrow bleach, with black brows our model appears older

Keeping our toes crossed that the colour comes out right

Finding the right tone, the colour of the brows now compliments our models hair colour, creating a much softer and more youthful look