From TADPOLE brows to FULL & FABULOUS brows

You too can have great Brows
And you thought only celebrities could have fabulous Brows… You too can have great Brows

more and more women are hiding behind brow pencils, crayons and harsh powders, did you know you too could have BEAUTIFUL BROWS? yes, brows that resemble what brows are suppose to look like “HAIR”. you are now being introduced to PETRA ALEXANDRA, INC. who is on a mission to see every girl, every woman have beautiful  eyebrows. this is especially wonderful for those who suffer with ALOPECIA or dealing with hair loss caused as a result of CHEMOTHERAPY. Petra Alexandra, Inc. specializes  in BROW RECONSTRUCTION, this is a method that last for up to five days, she has worked on women who have not had the joy of  having eyebrows since their teens, she also teaches this technique of  BROW REPLACEMENT  and her signature STAND BY STRAND technique to her students and refers to them as BROW AGENTS.  here is an example of a BEFORE and AFTER on our lovely model Tina Janel.

Tadpole Brow to Full Brow, STRAND by STRAND technique
Petra Alexandra, Inc. says... To create this look you can try Maybelline Expert Eyes Brow pencil, it comes in the varied colours. The very best!!!
From TADPOLE brows to FULL & FABULOUS brows

2 thoughts on “From TADPOLE brows to FULL & FABULOUS brows

  1. Rachel Scott says:

    Could you recommend a product that gives the look of a full eyebrow, for thin brows? Also, I have read that applying olive oil to the brow can actually grow the eyebrow hair (over a long period of time)….any truth in that?

    1. Petra Alexandra, Inc. says…
      There is absolutely no truth to Olive Oil inducing eye-brow hair growth, that would have to be one of the myths.

      Petra Alexandra, Inc. says…
      One of our favourite eyebrow product is the Maybelline Exp Wear – Brow pencil, sharpen them very fine for your desired results. Many wonderful wonderful choices when it comes to the selection in colour; You can find this pencil in Black, Brown, Medium Brown, Aurburn, Light Brown, and Blonde. Goes on with ease, love love love!!!

Thank-you so much for visiting us, hope you have been PETRAfied, if there is anything you would like to see posted about BROW products, please feel free to share.

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