What a little BLEACH can do for your face

Colouring the brows can be a concern to some. We see this new fad on all the hippest celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce' and Queen Latifah, even the first lady Michelle Obama has caught on to this trend and has followed the crowd.
Need to soften your look? here is a pictorial of a young jewish girl who gave BLEACHING a try for the first time and the results you must say are quiet lovely.

Here we chose a colour that would compliment our models warm tresses.

Bushy brows in the raw
Side view of the eyebrow before shaping
Here we have found the shape before applying the eyebrow bleach, with black brows our model appears older
Keeping our toes crossed that the colour comes out right
Finding the right tone, the colour of the brows now compliments our models hair colour, creating a much softer and more youthful look
What a little BLEACH can do for your face

Thank-you so much for visiting us, hope you have been PETRAfied, if there is anything you would like to see posted about BROW products, please feel free to share.

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