Hair Loss is on the rise, Trichologist Erkkie Wells speaks…

Hair Loss Is on the Rise, and Women Are Among the Hardest Hit

Stress, hormone imbalances to blame for a condition many women suffer through in silence

COSTA MESA, Calif., May 29, 2008 — Every day, women worldwide look in the mirror, and where they used to see healthy hair, they now see an increasing proportion of scalp. Agonizing over their hair loss, they try to hide it with make-up, creative hairstyles, or sometimes even hair extensions, which can actually further damage already stressed-out hair.

Ironically, stress itself is the main reason why many women are facing hair loss and what appears to be early balding, according to Erkkie Harris-Wells, a trichologist and founder of the Costa-Mesa, Calif.-based Miyohara International Trichology Clinic ( As someone who diagnoses and treats hair and scalp disorders, Harris-Wells has a bird’s-eye view of this medical trend – and is no longer surprised to see the physical indicators of stress when viewing hair samples through a microscope.”The number of women suffering from hair loss is definitely on the rise,” Harris-Wells says. “Even more disturbing is that nearly 80 percent of the time, women’s hair samples show symptoms of thyroid diseases or hormone imbalances, which are serious manifestations of stress-related disorders.”

Unlike a blood test, which only provides results based on what the body is experiencing at the moment of the blood draw, trichology’s cutting-edge, microscopic diagnosis reveals up to six months’ worth of a person’s physical history. The testing also shows that stress doesn’t discriminate – it’s present in the hair of women young and old, but particularly those leading demanding careers or lifestyles, Harris-Wells says.

“Here in California, I’m diagnosing teenage girls, working mothers and menopausal women,” Harris-Wells says. “There are even celebrities and models battling hair loss, too. Women everywhere are stressed. Their bodies are under attack, and so their hair is falling out or bald spots are appearing. Sadly, they’re struggling secretly with this hair loss, trying to solve the problem on their own.”

Miyohara International Trichology Clinic offers hope for most hair loss sufferers. This solution starts in educating women on the cause behind their hair loss. Miyohara also provides the best preventative Educator products, and offers referrals to the appropriate doctors who can treat the underlying causes, be they physical, emotional or both.

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About Miyohara International Trichology Clinic

Based in Costa Mesa, Calif., Miyohara International Trichology Clinic sets itself apart from other hair-replacement clinics by identifying each client’s form or type of hair loss, expelling the guesswork and ensuring the success rate of any scalp or hair-loss disorder. Through trichology, hair samples are microscopically examined, and a program is custom-designed around the diagnosis to prevent further hair loss and restore it to health. Most Mayohara patients experience over 90 percent success rate without using products such as Rogaine, which can have serious side effects and is effective in only 35 percent of hair loss cases. Instead, the clinic uses the most advanced products available to treat hair loss appropriately.


Erkkie Harris-Wells
Founder, Miyohara International Trichology Clinic

Hair Loss is on the rise, Trichologist Erkkie Wells speaks…


Today BLEACHING the EYEBROWS out is the hottest thing on the runways, so our hope is that these two images inspire anyone who has been bullied over their SNOW WHITE EYEBROWS, God made no mistakes when He designed your Eyebrows

Esther Sparhawk says:

“I have naturally platinum blonde eyebrows. It’s rare in the US, but quite common in places like Sweden, Norway, and Ireland, I’m told.As a teenage girl, other kids made fun of my platinum blonde eyebrows”

Platinum blonde BLEACHED EYEBROWS.

Platinum Bleached Eyebrows

Photographer: Gray Scott on both images

Model on cover: Sveta at IMG models


What goes on at PETRA ALEXANDRA, INC.?

Click on the image to see  the Petra Alexandra, Inc. BROW AGENTS Shari Barnes, Osiris Cadena and Mary Lee Pass attend to the different needs. from Bleaching, Threading, Precision, Grooming (which is a technique related to brows), Petra Alexandra’s signature ‘STRAND BY STRAND’ technique and Individual lashes.

BROW AGENTS at work, Shari Barnes, Osiris Cadena and Mary Lee Pass

BROW AGENTS at work, Shari Barnes, Osiris Cadena and Mary Lee Pass
What goes on at PETRA ALEXANDRA, INC.?

the difference Brows can make. take your look from 60 SOMETHING to 40 SOMETHING

My student/BROW AGENT Nicole Rogers after taking “ALL ABOUT EYES” class returned home to do her mums brows.

Here the brows are Threaded, Groomed and Bleached, BROW AGENT Nicole used the PRECISION technique to construct identical brows, surely you have had your brows done and embarrassingly all you could say to your technician is  “emm excuse me, but that brow doesn’t quiet look like this brow”

According to Nicole, her mum had not had her brows done since her 40’s, this was an exciting day and a teacher made very proud.

These new brows took this face from 60 Something to 40 Something.
These new brows took this face from 60 Something to 40 Something. The colour added to the brow created a very youthful look
the difference Brows can make. take your look from 60 SOMETHING to 40 SOMETHING

What a little BLEACH can do for your face

Colouring the brows can be a concern to some. We see this new fad on all the hippest celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce' and Queen Latifah, even the first lady Michelle Obama has caught on to this trend and has followed the crowd.
Need to soften your look? here is a pictorial of a young jewish girl who gave BLEACHING a try for the first time and the results you must say are quiet lovely.

Here we chose a colour that would compliment our models warm tresses.

Bushy brows in the raw
Side view of the eyebrow before shaping
Here we have found the shape before applying the eyebrow bleach, with black brows our model appears older
Keeping our toes crossed that the colour comes out right
Finding the right tone, the colour of the brows now compliments our models hair colour, creating a much softer and more youthful look
What a little BLEACH can do for your face

From TADPOLE brows to FULL & FABULOUS brows

You too can have great Brows
And you thought only celebrities could have fabulous Brows… You too can have great Brows

more and more women are hiding behind brow pencils, crayons and harsh powders, did you know you too could have BEAUTIFUL BROWS? yes, brows that resemble what brows are suppose to look like “HAIR”. you are now being introduced to PETRA ALEXANDRA, INC. who is on a mission to see every girl, every woman have beautiful  eyebrows. this is especially wonderful for those who suffer with ALOPECIA or dealing with hair loss caused as a result of CHEMOTHERAPY. Petra Alexandra, Inc. specializes  in BROW RECONSTRUCTION, this is a method that last for up to five days, she has worked on women who have not had the joy of  having eyebrows since their teens, she also teaches this technique of  BROW REPLACEMENT  and her signature STAND BY STRAND technique to her students and refers to them as BROW AGENTS.  here is an example of a BEFORE and AFTER on our lovely model Tina Janel.

Tadpole Brow to Full Brow, STRAND by STRAND technique
Petra Alexandra, Inc. says... To create this look you can try Maybelline Expert Eyes Brow pencil, it comes in the varied colours. The very best!!!
From TADPOLE brows to FULL & FABULOUS brows