Jaleesa Jaikaran reviews Petra Alexandra, Inc. “ALL ABOUT EYES” class

Petra Alexandra, Inc.
Petra Alexandra, Inc.


A Petra Alexandra, Inc. Review
Uncharted territory!

That’s where I was headed when I first stepped into Miss Evelyn’s “ALL ABOUT EYES” class.

It went like this: For a long time, I waited to delve deeper into the art of brows but for some reason, I could not find someone who focused on the type of brow I admired in magazines.

Miss Evelyn and I met for the first time at The Makeup Show 2014. We had a short chat at the Crown brush booth and after that conversation, it was solidified in my mind, that I would be taking her class. I’m a big believer in education, as if forces you to look at your work with a new eye. To me, building a career is like building a house – its better to lay your bricks on a solid foundation. Taking time to become better at what I do is my desire. After all, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota.

Miss Evelyn, the founder of Petra Alexandra, Inc. is very well known for her brow perfection. Don’t believe me? Just watch! Her work has graced both celebrities and the pages of countless magazines. The class was intricately dissected into understandable parts. Miss Evelyn first touched on tools – then followed by an evaluation of own brow arsenal (ouch!) We followed up by learning about bleaching, threading, and brow shape correction. It was a pleasure learning from her as she went in a pace that was just suited for me and encouraged me all the way

Two days later, I decided to take the plunge and get my own brows bleached. It took awhile because my brow hairs are very thick. I got so scared at first because it turned a weird orange color. *straight face* but guess what…


Sitting on the other side of the chair, I felt how it would feel for a client who would get their makeup done or their brows threaded. It was a true boost of confidence. (I was feeling myself- lol) and that is why I love my career and truly enjoyed the “ALL ABOUT EYES” class at Petra Alexandra, Inc. with Miss Evelyn herself.

Looking forward to sharing my progress with you all!

And, be sure to visit Petra Alexandra, Inc. website at: http://www.petraalexandra.com





Jaleesa Jaikaran reviews Petra Alexandra, Inc. “ALL ABOUT EYES” class

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