When Fashion Fair cosmetics was PETRAfied!

When Fashion Fair Cosmetics contracted us to update their image, we decided on stripping them of their old look and stereotypes and bring relevance to their look.
We declined the eyeliner, the mascara, the lip liner, the contouring and bleached the models eyebrows, giving them a fresh new image that could compete with the high end brands.


For Fashion Fair Cosmetics, we bleached the eyebrows to create a modern and youthful look on model Zen

When Fashion Fair cosmetics was PETRAfied!


When posing the suggestion to those with thick #eyebrows to consider a good grooming or having a clean up, their first response is usually one of horror, skepticism and fear at the thought of turning their luxe frames in to #tadpoles. Convincing them that a good #shape would elevate their countenance even that much more can be a herculean task.

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beautiful eyebrows

Keeping with the natural shape of our client