Be “Petrafied!”

Petra Alexandra, Inc. where EYEBROWS are seen as the frame of ones face, and not the distraction.

Be "Petrafied!"


Photographer: Summerlin
Model: Mellisa Leone


Want Eyebrows that catch their attention. Find them at Petra Alexandra, Inc.

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Tikva Welk and Oriton Faloughi on Brows at Petra Alexandra, Inc.

At this Beauty School, the students are taught how to construct their frame work, EYEBROWS

At this Beauty School, the students are taught how to construct their frame work, EYEBROWS

Lousie has been Petrafied

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Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.24.26 PRECISION

Louise Morgan has been "PETRAFIED!"
Louise Morgan has been “PETRAFIED!”


For “SHAPE” you need a “Brow Agent”, one who SPECIALISES in SHAPE!

Anyone can take hair from your Eyebrows by plucking, threading or waxing, but for SHAPE you need an “Eyebrow Agent”, one who specializes in SHAPE. At Petra Alexandra, Inc. the students are known as “Petra Alexandra, Inc. Brow Agents” walk away with the greatest skill a face could ever need.

Our lovely Model Aziza travelled several hours on a bus to get her Eyebrows done.
This is what she had to say (we chose to keep her words unedited):

“Dear Petra Alexandra, Inc. Traveling to New York by myself on Tuesday was a experience of a life time. I must admit at first I was nervous and afraid to travel by myself to somone who I never meet before . When 1 clock came around on that day and I was standing outside your studio the first thing that crossed my mind was how does a studio looklllike a house and I was ready to turn back around and go by home till To wonderful lady open the door for me . You welcomed me with open arms and treated me so well . The bond we build within 5mins of meeting you was behind wonderful . Your are wonderful person with a great sense of humor . I don’t think their is no better make up artist then you . You had transform my eyebrows . My make up was on fire like Alice keys would say This Girl is on Fire . The 5 hour bus ride was worth it. I can’t Thank you enough . You are truly the best . I can’t wait to work with you again. From your Honey Butter!”
Aziza Freeland


Sometimes it takes a cup of Morning Joe to wake us up but when it comes to waking up that face, it takes a pot of BLEACH and a pair of greatly shaped EYEBROW “BE PETRAFIED!”

Only at this Beauty School, Petra Alexandra, Inc


Get “Petrafied” at Petra Alexandra, Inc., where Eyebrows are our playground. In this photo, the eyebrows are THREADED and Facial hair was also removed from forehead

Anita Lochan Unbelievably beautiful THREADED Eyebrows